About Nu

Our company is dedicated to providing you with healthy, delicious smoothies made from the finest and freshest ingredients available.

We strive to hold ourselves to a high standard of environmental ethics. Here’s how:

• We keep the carbon footprint of our entire production process as low as possible.
• Our smoothies come in environmentally friendly tetra prisma packaging, which locks out air and light to preserve nutrients better than any other type of packaging.
• Our product has a shelf life, which helps prevent waste due to spoilage.
• Amazingly enough, our super strong packaging is actually 75 percent paper, making it easy to recycle.
• Because our packaging does not require refrigeration, we can conserve energy and release fewer pollutants into the atmosphere.

That’s just us doing our part to keep the planet healthy!

Currently, Nu Smoothies are only available at select locations in Dubai, but we are dedicated to expanding access to our healthy, nutritious smoothies so that more people like you can enjoy the benefits of fresh fruit any time of the year. If you can’t find Nu smoothies at a store near you, please contact our Customer Service at 055 202 6671.